Central Alberta Business Unit

Our Central Alberta Business Unit “Central AB” is comprised of two Regional Assets; South West Alberta “SWAB” and West Central Alberta “WCAB”:


Our Central Alberta Business Unit represents the bulk of our Cardium and liquids-rich Mannville assets, which are primarily focused in Kaybob, Pembina, Ferrier and Garrington. The key characteristics of these formations are light sweet ~40° API oil with geology and oil resource mapping that is well defined with legacy vertical wells. There is no significant mobile formation water in either formation which results in predictable declines and production profiles. Several of the legacy Cardium pools are under active waterflood which reduces pool declines and increases the percentage of recoverable oil in place. Performance of these waterfloods has been improving with optimization efforts. These assets provide sizeable cashflow generation with the optionality to transition to a growth model.

In addition to these core horizons, further value creation is being generated through tertiary recovery (CO2 flood) in the Viking horizon in Joffre. Whitecap is using its world-class expertise in CO2 EOR and sequestration to maximize value in this pool and continue to drive down our GHG emissions intensity.

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