Our Cardium producing areas in West Central Alberta are primarily located in the Pembina, Garrington, Ferrier and Willesden Green areas. The key characteristics of the Cardium in these areas are light 40° API oil with geology and oil resource mapping that is well defined with legacy vertical wells. There is no significant mobile formation water in the Cardium which results in predictable declines and production profiles. Several of these legacy pools are under active waterflood which has the impact of lowering pool declines and increasing the percentage of the oil in place which is recoverable. Performance of these waterfloods has been improving with optimization efforts.

Sustainable Growth Within Funds Flow

Whitecap Resources Inc. is an oil-weighted growth company that pays a monthly cash dividend to its shareholders.

We are focused on providing sustainable dividends and profitable per share growth enhanced by value added acquisitions.

Whitecap's common shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol WCP.

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