whitecap resources inc. announces results of shareholders' meeting

April 28, 2017


CALGARY, ALBERTA – Whitecap Resources Inc. ("Whitecap") (TSX: WCP) is pleased to announce that all matters presented for approval at the annual meeting of shareholders held today have been fully authorized and approved. A total of 221,511,313 common shares representing 60.03% of Whitecap's issued and outstanding common shares were voted in connection with the meeting. 

At the meeting, by ordinary resolution, the number of directors to be elected at the meeting was fixed at seven. The results of the ballot were as follows:

Votes For (Percentage)

220,784,827 (99.67%)



At the meeting, all of the nominees proposed as directors were duly elected as directors of Whitecap with a majority of votes cast by the shareholders present or represented at the meeting as follows:

Name of Nominee

Votes For (Percentage)

Grant B. Fagerheim

214,981,193 (97.61%)

Gregory S. Fletcher

204,015,863 (92.63%)

Daryl H. Gilbert

186,785,227 (84.81%)

Glenn A. McNamara

214,337,246 (97.32%)

Stephen C. Nikiforuk

218,979,802 (99.43%)

Kenneth S. Stickland

216,402,925 (98.26%)

Grant A. Zawalsky 205,073,024 (93.11%)

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